The sun is setting on another growing season in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. We’ve received torrential rains the past week, so harvest is going to challenging for a number of growers. Downstream from the heavy rains, farmers have been busy combining before rivers flow out of there banks. I’m so proud to be involved with U.S. agriculture where neighbors help neighbors, pulling together to help one another whenever and wherever they can.

Now we get to reap the harvest of everyone’s hard work throughout the growing season. It is a great opportunity to evaluate the decisions we made throughout the year.

Make sure you take time evaluate your crops. Make notes as to what worked well and what changes you need to make for next year. Yields are looking good in the region and we are harvesting plots and side by sides. I weighed LH 5215 VT2 PRO last night and it yielded 240.1 bushels and 18.1 % moisture. It beat the competitor by 17.5 bushels and was 0.3% drier.

I’ll be traveling throughout the region with my weigh wagon. Give me a call if you want a yield check!



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