Live Seed and Treatments Are Key to Achieving Yield Goals

Just as many Americans make New Year’s resolutions, many growers are thinking about how they can optimize yields in 2016.  I’m receiving many great questions about the optimum seeding rate for alfalfa. Seeding rate is determined by the germination on a bag of seed and whether seed treatments are used.

Pure Live Seed is calculated by subtracting non-seed components, such as seed treatment, along with the reduction in germ percentage on the seed tag.   The following example illustrates how much pure live seed is in a bag of alfalfa protected with Latham’s AlfaShieldTM seed treatment.

A seeding rate of 18 pounds / acre of AlfaShield-protected alfalfa will give you about 10 lbs of pure live seed per acre. University research suggests 10 pounds of pure live seed is the minimum to achieve 50 plants per square foot. Additional seedling mortality rates in the first 24 months of non-treated seeds is upward of 70% of plants emerged.  To reduce the mortality rate and maintain as many seeds per square foot as possible, consider applying seed treatment.

Live Plants Graphic Latham Seeds

A comprehensive seed treatment, such as AlfaShield, helps the alfalfa plant genetics meet their true yield capacity. AlfaShield helps achieve more plants and reduce the mortality rate in first 24 months after seeding. AlfaShield combines critical elements that promote rapid emergence, helping plants achieve photosynthesis quicker and reducing mortality rate.

Fact is, seed is biologically alive and fragile. Why not do all that you can to set up your seeding for success? For more information or to ask questions about your forage acres, feel free to contact me at 1-877-GO-LATHAM (1.877.465.2842).

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