Buttermilk Æbleskivers


3 eggs, separated

2 c. flour

2 T. sugar

1 tsp. soda

1 tsp. baking powder


2 c. buttermilk


Beat egg yolks until light and lemon colored.

Add sugar, salt, and buttermilk; mix well.

Sift flour, soda, and baking powder; add to egg mixture.

Beat egg whites until stiff. Fold into batter.

Place a small amount of shortening in each cup of the æbleskiver pan and fill 2/3 full with batter.

Cook over medium heat until bubbly; turn carefully with fork and finish baking on other side.

Turn each æbleskiver several times during baking to ensure thorough baking.

If desired, a very thin slice of raw apple can be pressed into batter in each cup before turning.

Serve with butter and syrup, jam, brown sugar, or sprinkle with powdered sugar.