Look First to Agronomy for 300-Bushel Yields

S2SEvery farmer has achieved record-setting at least in parts of the field. Some customers have texted us images of their yield monitor showing 300+ bushels as they’re combining; others have even 300- and 400-bushel yields repeatedly in test plots. But what does it take to consistently achieve whole-field averages of 300-bushel corn?

Research shows that a crop plan must involve more than selecting seed product by soil type. It must also take into account nitrogen and micronutrient management. That’s why it’s important to build a good database for each field.

To help farmers continue to build their knowledge base – and to share information with others on a confidential basis – Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is expanding its hallmark Seed-2-Soil® program including:

    • GPS yield monitor data
    • Grid soil samples
    • Variety/hybrid information from previous year(s)
    • Basic fertilizer and chemical application records

We work with farmers to understand their management styles and to learn about their machinery and equipment. Then we pair that information with our genetic and yield research information for each Latham® seed product. The result is a tailored crop plan with accurate product placement to help each farmer reduce risk, increase profit and save time.

Our Seed-2-Soil program doesn’t end with product selection, however. Once the seedling emerges, it’s important to feed the growing crop. Nutrient management is getting more attention for good reason…Research shows fertility programs influence plant performance and yield by as much as a 60%! A plant nutritionist once related plant nutrition to our car’s tires. A car can run on a low tire, but it doesn’t not run efficiently. Low tire pressure, or a flat tire, restricts performance. Foliar feeding and micronutrients really help “pump up yield.”

In addition to nutrient management, the use of foliar fungicides is gaining attention. Researchers have established a link between good plant nutrition and reduced disease incidence. Combining a foliar fertilizer with a fungicide application can actually improve disease suppression and address in-season nutrient deficiencies to maximize yield.

There’s no better time than now to plan for next year’s crop! Contact your local Latham® representative or call 1.877.GO.LATHAM (1.877.465.2842) to talk about our Seed-2-Soil program might help you bring home more yield in 2015.