Need Alfalfa? Call Latham!

379-Alfalfa-smallAfter unseasonably cold temperatures and above-normal snowfall in some parts of the Midwest, farmers are looking forward to warmer temperatures and the spring melt. Spring ignites optimism and hopes for a better season.

Begin preparing for success during the 2014 cropping season by securing your alfalfa seed now. Demand is expected to be higher than normal this spring, and alfalfa supplies across the industry may be tight due to a challenging growing season in 2013.

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds currently has strong supplies of alfalfa products designed to handle specific environmental challenges that present on your acres. Be sure to check out these Latham® products that have been specifically bred to meet specific growing challenges:

  • Roundup Ready® alfalfa can clean up fields with heavy weed infestations;
  • Resistance to Aphanomyces Race 2 keeps plants healthy;
  • Salt-tolerant alfalfa is bred to handle unique soil challenges;
  • Hybrid alfalfa offers top quality and fast regrowth that’s especially critical for dairy operations;
  • Leafhopper-resistant alfalfa boasts a natural leafhopper barrier keeping plant alive and healthy; and
  • Branch-rooted alfalfa maintains the fragile root system in challenging wet soils.