Product Considerations for Your 2013 Alfalfa Crop

March winds have been roaring like a lion.  But soon the weather will become gentle like a lamb, and Midwest farmers will be planting the 2013 crop.  That’s why today I’d like to spend a few minutes highlighting alfalfa packages available for the 2013 season.

You’ll see we’re offering many exciting new products!  Latham Hi-Tech Seeds offers the diversified genetic selection of alfalfa with the most modern packages for disease resistance, traffic tolerance, and regrowth patterns.

Growers can select alfalfa products designed to handle specific environmental challenges that present on your acres:

  • Roundup Ready® alfalfa can clean up fields with heavy weed infestations;
  • Resistance to Aphanomyces Race 2 keeps plants healthy;
  • Salt-tolerant alfalfa is bred to handle unique soil challenges;
  • Hybrid alfalfa offers top quality and fast regrowth that’s especially critical for dairy operations;
  • Leafhopper-resistant alfalfa boasts a natural leafhopper barrier keeping plant alive and healthy; and
  • Branch-rooted alfalfa maintains the fragile root system in challenging wet soils.

We want to set your alfalfa seed for success with fast emergence and amazing yield potential.  Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is driven to discover new products, methods, testing, that will help create more yield for you!

Remember to contact your local Latham® representative for spring needs of alfalfa.  Remember that Latham Hi-Tech Seeds has many A-list products available to meet your in-season needs for seed corn and soybeans, too.