Wisconsin Wins Favor at the Rose Bowl

by Corey Catt, Latham Forage Products Manager

When the Badgers play the Stanford Cardinals today’s classic New Year’s Bowl Game, they’ll be joined by another Wisconsin classic –– cheese curds from the Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery. These cheese curds are extremely popular at fairs and stadiums across the Dairy State, and today they’re making their debut in Pasadena.

The Rose Bowl called last week and initially ordered 80 pounds of curds. Creamery staff questioned whether a mere 80 pounds would be enough to feed a stadium teeming with red and white fans, so the order increased to 300 pounds. With just 900 servings of battered and fried curds will be available, fans may want to line up early!

It’s always fun for me to think that just maybe corn produced from Latham® Hi-Tech Hybrids fed the cows, which produced the milk that was used to produce those cheese curds.  Food for thought this holiday… Happy New Year!

We know the Wisconsin Badgers got to Rose Bowl due to hard work, practice and a winning record. Ellsworth Cheese Curds got there the same way!  Watch how hard work, years of experience and a winning record earned these curds a trip to California: http://youtu.be/HGwivNQ1y50