Cheese By-Product Saves County $40K

600 lbs per lane mile without salt brine

An unsuspecting by-product of cheese production is chiseling ice from the roads of northern Wisconsin.

The Polk County Wisconsin Highway Department teamed up with a local creamery to evaluate the effectiveness of adding cheese brine to their existing road salt.  The results were outstanding, as these images indicate.

Dairy Salt Brine, which has about a 24% salinity factor, is a waste product of cheese production.  Cheese producers need to dispose of it anyway, so a partnership with the highway department is a win-win.

400 lbs per lane mile with salt brine

Recycled cheese brine solution replaces the regularly used costly magnesium chloride, and saved Polk County $40,000 in the first year of use!  In addition to this savings, cheese brine reduced the county’s salt use by 30 to 40%.  It also lowered the freezing point of ice formation, making safer roads.