Summer Alfalfa Seeding Begins Aug. 1

Summer seeding for alfalfa is Aug. 1-15 for most of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Farmers in Iowa and Nebraska can still seed toward the later part of August.  It’s important to get the seedling off to a rapid start, so the plant has time to build as many carbohydrates in the crown as possible before the first frost hits and plant dormancy starts.

Seeding into dry conditions can be risky as alfalfa seed needs to absorb nearly 200% of its weight in readily available moisture for the germination process to begin.  In addition, the newly developing root system needs consistent access to moisture to sustain the plant and build the essential carbohydrates in the crown.  With conditions so dry across most of the United States, soil moisture levels must be restored before summer seeding is recommended.  Click here for more information.

If planting conditions are good, Latham has a great supply of alfalfa seed to meet your summer seeding needs.  Below are a few highlights of our 2013 alfalfa lineup:

  • NEW 9200              variety with leaf hopper resistance for growers who don’t scout and spray
  • 9100                        offers root stability in heavy soils
  • 9600                        provides 15% more yield potential, especially on stress-prone acres
  • NEW 9700              extraordinary disease packages / highly resistant to Aphonomyces Races 1 & 2
  • 405T RR                  Roundup resistance makes it easy to keep fields clean and to produce quality