Variable Rate Planting



Do you have a planter with variable rate population capabilities but don’t know where to get the right prescription for your field? Seed2Soil® can help! Your Latham representative will work  one-on-one with you to write prescriptions for your planter and seed variety on an individual field basis.


Prescription maps have been the norm for producers using variable rate planting technologies. However, this program brings value unmatched by these traditional practices. Our approach is to write population prescriptions using information about past yield history from a yield monitor, soil types within the field, hybrid variety selection, tillage practices, fertility levels and more, with special consideration for the seed technology and equipment you are using.


Partnering with SciMax Solutions, we have access to proven results for over 62,000 acres. According to 2009-2010 data, an average increase on very marginal ground was 8 bushels per acre and 4 bushels per acre on better ground of similar soil types.