Nitrogen Management




This age-old question rises every growing season, “What is the right rate of nitrogen for my field?” Our partner in Seed-2-Soil, SciMax, has been working on a solution to this question in numerous research plots and whole field studies. In fact, their solution is so innovative that it has been legally protected by a registered trade secret. There are many variables that go into the process for writing a variable rate nitrogen recommendation, but it all starts with the soil.


The Amino Sugar Nitrogen Test was developed as a tool to help determine where nitrogen rates need to be increased, maintained or decreased. The test measures spacial variability of mineralization to determine which areas need increased management. Your Latham RSM will be there to assist during the prescription-writing process to put the data to work distributing the right mix of nitrogen across your field.


Placing the right amount, on the right acres, at the right time is our goal. However, the environment we live in must remain top of mind when we make decisions for our business. With this process, producers saw an average reduction of 20-25 pounds of nitrogen, according to four years of research and in field studies. Less nitrogen not only means more money in your pocket, it means less nutrient runoff in our environment.

(legally protected by the laws of a registered trade secret).