Grid Sampling


Providing accurate soil sampling service to our customers.


With fertilizer costs on the rise, the need for better placement and utilization of fertilizer is greater than ever. Many growers are just barely maintaining, if not mining, nutrient levels in their fields. How much variability is there in your fields? Why not better define your fields through Grid Soil Sampling and obtain the necessary information to take advantage of other services offered through the Seed-2-Soil management programs.


Upon entering soil sampling contract, Seed-2-Soil representatives will visit the specified fields to obtain grid samples in 2.5-acre grids covering the agreed upon acres. Samples are sent to a lab and results are provided to the grower in report form. They are also stored on a secure online site providing opportunities for review at any time.


Cost Savings/Acre + better placement and utilization of macro and micro nutrients = Yield increase because of placement. Grid Sample data can be the cornerstone to identifying high fertility and deficiency areas in your fields.  For additional questions or to enroll, contact your local Latham representative or call 1.877.GO.LATHAM.