Foliar Feeding




Zinc is essential for the growth of corn. It is a major contributor to the fruit production and root mass of the plant, assists in protein synthesis,and helps with growth regulation and maturation. Zinc is critically needed in soils with high pH, high phosphorous levels, crops growing in low organic matter and especially in sandy/eroded soils. MAX-IN ZMB is applied between V-4 and V-6 stage of corn development at a rate of 1 quart per acre.


Boron transports vital sugars through plant membranes and promotes proper cell division. It is essential in pollination and ­flowering, which enhances fruit size. Boron assists in nitrogen and phosphorous uptake by plants and promotes utilization of other nutrients. Boron can be tied up in soil in forms unavailable to plants by different variables including soil pH, organic matter content, soil texture, soil water content and temperature. Boron is applied between the V-6 and R-4 stages at a rate of 1 pint per acre. The product, Max in Boron, provides greater nutrient eciency and to allow it to be compatible with RoundUp®. Approximate cost is $22 per gallon, which equates to $2.75 per acre.


Bio-Forge is a product designed to manage stress in extreme environments including: extreme temperatures, high plant populations, excess moisture and damage sustained from herbicide application. Bio-forge manages excessive ethylene keeping plant hormones at the optimal level. Bio-forge is easily applied and can be applied at any time during the growing season— as a seed treatment, in-furrow or as a foliar treatment. Data gathered from over 50 university studies, Bio-forge showed an average yield increase of 17.65 bushels per acre on corn and 5 bushels per acre increase on soybeans.