Nutrient Management


Seed-2-Soil® is more than a soil analysis— it’s year-round field observance and ongoing agronomic services that can help unlock the full potential of their Latham® corn, soybean and alfalfa products. When enrolled in our Nutrient Management learning group, Seed-2-Soil can help dramatically increase profits through these programs:


Learning Group: is the platform for introducing new precision ag techniques and analyzing data to help with seed placement and other input decisions.
Grid Sampling: for better placement and fertilizer usage.
Variable Rate Planting: to match population to field conditions and specific hybrids.
Foliar Feeding: helps manage micronutrients to promote healthier more productive plants.
Nitrogen Management: uses a series of tests to put science behind managing nitrogen.

Benefits to Farmers

Seed-2-Soil Nutrient Management is a system of tools that help bring more meaning to yield and grid sample data. Using this information, the internet-based reporting system is able to analyze up to 400 layers of data and produce reports at the click of a button.

Management Zones

Seed-2-Soil Management Zone reports show yield trends over multiple years on a 0 to 100 scale. This allows the farmer to identify the best producing, average and below average areas of a field. These are assigned to management zones allowing the farmer to take steps to address the situation.

S2S SciMax Brochure

Top Performers Report

As seed technology gets more advanced, making correct selections can be a difficult process. Seed-2-Soil’s “Top Performers Report” helps relieve some of the guess work by sorting and comparing hybrids and varieties as they performed on thousands of acres under conditions similar to those in the farmer’s fields.

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Field Top Ten Reports

These reports show agronomic trends that can be hidden when looking at printed maps. The top factors that correlate to crop yield are displayed in one table− allowing the farmer to quickly learn what makes a difference in yield on each field.

S2S SciMax Brochure

Analyzing Results

At the close of the growing season, the customer and dealer will download yield information from the combine to a computer (tech support is available to assist when needed.) After analyzing the data, the farmer will receive a report with pertinent information as to how to improve the level of management and maximize return on investment the next growing season.

Value to the Customer


For more information on enrollment, contact us at 1.877.GO.LATHAM (1.877.465.2842).