Crop Planning


Utilizing the power of partnership to maximize yield

Seed-2-Soil begins with a discussion about all the variables that go into your operation each year. Each field is considered on an individual basis, factoring all the important information the farmer holds with the product and performance information available from Latham. The outcome is a tailored report of product selections and placements focused on maximum yield and profit per acre.


Define Fields: Ability to draw or upload field boundaries and note special characteristics including rotation, soil type, drainage, tile infrastructure and irrigation.
Enter Management Details: Input operational information for machinery used for fertilizer, planting, spraying and tillage.
Compile Data Compile data during the growing season including planting maps, stand counts, maturity notes, spraying and fertilizer applications and more.
Fit Seed to Field: Select products based on characteristics that most closely match chemistry needs, maturity range, harvest timing, insect pressures, desired plant characteristics and refuge configurations.
Create Planting Plan: Automatically format a planting plan with the field maps and products selected for each.
Make any final adjustments: Seed-2-Soil Crop Planning does allow for seed rep override if adjustments need to be made to product selections, population, etc.




Benefits to Farmers

Protect the Value of Data Manage your data without giving away data ownership in the process.
Convenient Data Sharing Organize all of your agronomic data in one convenient place, rather than using multiple “islands” of technology.
Keep People in the Process Work with your sales rep to adjust the final plan to reflect the best products for each field regardless of trait provider and system software outcomes.
Maximized performance Correct product placement can produce a 3 to 7% yield improvement. ($33 to $77/acre!)

For more information on enrolling in Seed-2-Soil Crop Planning, contact us at 1.877.GO.LATHAM (1.877.465.2842).