Seed-2-Soil® is Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ trademark system of agronomic tools to help simplify crop planning and seed selection decisions. Each component is designed to help maximize yield potential by focusing on four key areas offered in Seed-2-Soil:

FieldXFieldSM Crop Planning

The FieldXField Crop Planning process helps dealers understand a farmer’s management style, field attributes and equipment information and pairs it against our genetic and yield research information for each product. The result is a tailored crop plan with accurate product placement to help you make product recommendations to your customers that reduce risk, increase profit and save time FieldXFIeldSMBest of all, Seed-2-Soil Crop Planning allows the farmer to maintain ownership of their own field data year after year.

Nutrient Management

For those farmers that implement precision technology on their farms, Seed-2-Soil Nutrient Management tools help manage microenvironments and achieve top yield with their Latham products.

  1. Grid Sampling for better placement and fertilizer usage
  2. Variable Rate Planting to match population to field conditions and specific hybrids
  3. Foliar Feeding for managing micronutrients
  4. Nitrogen Management to help determine timing and placement

Seed Treatments

Every farmer knows that selecting the right seed –with the right trait package– is key to producing high yield. But, seed alone isn’t enough to maximize yield. Ensure crops have the early-season advantage with seed treatments. Seed-2-Soil will help navigate through a variety of options available to help protect the crop from insects, diseases and nematodes.

CornSeedTreatments SoybeanSeedTreatments AlfalfaSeedTreatments


Seed-2-Soil is the go-to resource for up-to-date agronomic information all season long.

  1. Regional product placement recommendations by district
  2. Comprehensive research data from both third-party and internal trials
  3. Product Tech Sheets
  4. blog articles