Agrisure 3000GT

Latham Hi-Tech Hybrids with Agrisure® 3000GT technology deliver the ultimate protection against corn borer and corn rootworm, with a flexibility to choose management practices that meet your needs. Agrisure® 3000GT has excellent tolerance to in-season applications of glyphosate herbicides and Ignite® or Liberty® herbicides, offering a trait solution for either glyphosate- or glufosinate-tolerant volunteers in corn-on-corn rotations.

Agrisure® 3000GT Advantages:

  • The Agrisure GT trait, through the proven GA21 event, provides hybrids with excellent tolerance to glyphosate herbicides at even six times the labeled rate.
  • Exceptional above- and below-ground insect protection of roots, stalks and ears.
  • Suppression of fall armyworm and Southern cornstalk borer.

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