Seed Treatment



Emerge Faster. Grow Stronger. Yield More.

When seeding alfalfa in late summer or early fall, it’s critical the new growth builds up enough carbohydrates in its crown to safely overwinter. Seed treatment helps set up the fragile alfalfa seed for emergence success. Latham’s AlfaShield surrounds the alfalfa seed, helping it absorb soil moisture quickly to begin the germination process. AlfaShield also contains key micronutrients, a growth promoter called Optimize Gold that accelerates emergence and Stamina® for protection against disease.

AlphaChartOur formula is designed to help your new alfalfa seedlings Emerge Faster, Grow Stronger and Yield More with these added benefits:

  1. Better emergence in wet or dry conditions and better stand establishment
  2. 25% better emergence when germination is delayed due to low moisture
  3. At least 100% more live Rhizobium per seed than pre-inoculated uncoated seed improves root development and nodulation
  4. Stamina® active ingredient protects emerging seedlings against damaging diseases including: Aphanomyces euteiches, Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium spp., Phytophthora medicaginis
  5. Root and shoot development is enhanced immediately and independent of soil conditions
  6. Research data from six locations collected over seventeen harvests show a 6% yield improvement on average compared to metalaxyl based treatments.

AlfaShield™ price is included in the cost of the seed.