Ever Tried a Turkey Dressing Sandwich?

156694_4188814236639_310142445_nGuest Blog post by Darcy Maulsby

Now that the big Thanksgiving feast is over, what do you do with the leftover turkey? In Northeast Iowa, nothing beats turkey dressing sandwiches—a flavorful mixture of turkey, gravy and stuffing mixed together and served in a bun.

“These sandwiches are a staple around here,” says JoAnne Gregorich, whose family farms near La Motte in eastern Iowa, south of Dubuque.

Turkey dressing sandwiches don’t just turn up only on Black Friday. If you attend enough graduation parties, bridal showers or wedding receptions in parts of Eastern Iowa, there’s a good chance that turkey dressing sandwiches will be on the menu. This regional favorite is so ubiquitous that it’s highlighted in Distinctively DUBUQUE, a five-week seminar that welcomes newcomers to the Greater Dubuque area and showcases the culture, history and traditions that make the region unique.

There often are no specific recipes for turkey dressing sandwiches, and every family takes their own twist on this local classic. While some turkey dressing sandwiches tend to be “starch on starch,” the Gregorich family prefers to go heavy on the turkey. “I’d say I use about 95 percent turkey, along with a little stuffing and gravy,” says JoAnne, who adds that leftover cranberry sauce on the side is a good option.

What if you pour gravy on top of a turkey dressing sandwich, similar to a hot beef sandwich? “That’s something different than a turkey dressing sandwich,” JoAnne confirms.

Farming, food and family go hand in hand Turkey dressing sandwiches reflect the resourcefulness of generations of Iowa farm cooks who know how to maximize leftovers and give them a creative, new spin. The hearty sandwiches also fit with the region’s strong agricultural heritage, which the Gregorich family is proud to maintain.

388009_10100774871802660_1029929361_nBoth JoAnne and her husband, David, grew up in Jackson County. They remain close to their rural roots on their Jackson County farm, where they raise corn, hay and beef cattle. JoAnne is glad the couple had the chance to raise their two daughters, Cassie and Kellie, on the farm.

“Growing up on a farm teaches you responsibility and instills a work ethic in you,” JoAnne says. “I also appreciated the times we were all able to work together as a family.”

While the girls are grown and are pursuing their own careers in agriculture, they always enjoy coming home and spending time with their family on the farm. There’s a good chance that turkey dressing sandwiches will be served at many of these gatherings. “They are a very good sandwich,” JoAnne says.

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Turkey Dressing Sandwiches


  • Leftover turkey
  • Dressing
  • Gravy


  1. Combine all ingredients. The amount of each ingredient will depend on your personal taste.
  2. The filling can be kept warm in a slow cooker until it’s time to serve.
  3. Place the turkey dressing filling in buns
  4. Cranberry sauce can be served on the side, if desired.

Image from BettyCrocker.com